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Some Important Questions Answered About Bin Rentals

Updated: Jun 6

We have tried to compile some of the most common questions about bin rentals for your knowledge. Please have a look! 


How Are Bin Rentals Better Than Municipal Waste Pickups? 

While you can dispose of your waste through the municipality, it would mean that the garbage will stay on your property for weeks. This will not only be an eyesore and a cause of foul smell but also a tripping hazard for passers-by. Our bin rental process, on the other hand, is safe and convenient. Once your rented bin is full, you can give us a call, and we will come and collect it. 


Do I Need a Permit for Dumpster Rentals? 

You may require a permit if you place the dumpster anywhere on the city property, such as the street. However, the rules are different for every location. We recommend placing the bin on your driveway for a hassle-free experience. 


Can I Dump Anything in the Bin? 

A few things are restricted and cannot be dumped in our bins as we are not licensed to deal with organic or hazardous waste. For instance, items like propane tanks, flammable liquids, food waste, etc. should not be dumped in our bins. 


What Are Bin Rentals? 

Bin rentals refer to renting compact waste containers designed for residential and commercial waste disposal. These bins are suitable for projects with limited waste volume or constrained space. 


What Sizes Do Bins Come In? 

Bin sizes vary but typically range from 6 to 40 cubic yards. These sizes are ideal for managing waste from smaller-scale and large-scale projects, decluttering, or residential cleanouts. 


What Kinds/Types of Waste Can I Dispose of in a Bin? 

Bins are suitable for a variety of non-hazardous waste materials, including household waste, construction debris, yard waste, and renovation leftovers. Prohibited items usually include hazardous materials, liquids, and certain electronics. 


How Do I Determine the Right Bin Size for My Project? 

The appropriate bin size depends on the amount of waste you expect to generate. Discuss your project details with us; we can help you recommend the best size based on your requirements. 


How Do I Schedule a Small Bin Rental in Toronto? 

Contact us to inquire about availability, sizes, and rental rates. 

*Also ask us what can and cannot go inside the dumpster bin. 


What types of bins are available for rent from Ontario Trucking & Disposal Ltd.? 

We offer a variety of bin sizes suitable for different projects, including construction, renovations, and cleanouts. 


What is the Stone Slinger service, and how can it benefit my construction project? 

Our Stone Slingers efficiently and accurately place stone, sand, or gravel in hard-to-reach areas, saving time and labor costs. 


Can I purchase stone, sand, or gravel directly from Ontario Trucking & Disposal Ltd.? 

We provide high-quality aggregates and recycling materials for purchase, ensuring reliable materials for your construction and landscaping needs. 


How does Ontario Trucking & Disposal Ltd. contribute to recycling efforts? 

We are committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility by providing recycling services for various materials, promoting a greener future. 

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